Friday, August 14, 2009

My how time flies!!

Now August, and we are into calving. Boys have both finished rugby which is going to make life easier for a few weeks until cricket starts!!

Been busy doing not very much really. Had a wonderful time scrapping the weekend away In QTown with some southern scrappers. It was lovely to get away from the much as I love 'em and have some female company.

On the scrappy side. Taught a class at a shop here in Gore a few weeks back. I dont know how it went....I hope I did not scare anyone off!!! Apparently they have had some good reports so thats all I can ask for.
Working on a project right now to teach at an upcoming event.....but my lips are sealed!!! Lets just say its going to be INTERESTING!!!

I need to set aside some more time to get some stuff done. It s amazing how comfy that sofa gets in the evening, and I dont even like to watch rugby!!!! (Well....not EVERY night!!)

Barrie had surgery last month and is recovering....but not doing what he has been told at all. Typical male I reckon.

Beeter set off for bed....the mornings are getting progressively earlier and I am getting progressively GRUMPIER!!!

Ciao for now

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