Monday, April 13, 2009

Cannot believe it.....have created a blog!!! Only about 2 years too late!!! Will endeavour to update this regularly to let you know whats going on in our house.

So far this year.....

Its true what they can take the boys out of the Waikato....but ya cannot take the Waikato out of the boys!! Both of the boys are keen supporters of the MOOLOOS and the Chiefs. Its a wonder they have not been given a black eye over their fervent support of their teams. Rhys had a day out on Saturday with his friend to go to the Riverton races and the Highlanders match. He must be like his grandfather....had a $5 bet on the race of the day and came home with $90 extra in his wallet!!!

We had the first snow of the year last week. It is always so pretty to see the snow falling. It did not stay around, although it was pretty cold. Thankfully we now have a heat pump to keep us all warm and toasty. Pity our Aussie visitors were not able to see it!!

We are looking forward to our whirlwind trip up north for Alicias 21st party, grandma Newport's 80th, and Alicias graduation. Its less than a month many things to organise, so little time......We will not have a chance to catch up with anyone on our travels as we are only there for a few days. We cannot take Rhys out of school for too long, as he has lots of internal assessments around this time. Suppose its better than nothing though.

Went to a wonderful weekend away last weekend, with a bunch of scrapbookers from down this way. They were a lovely lot, who kept me up too late at night, and woke me up too early in the morning!!! Took a few days to catch up on lost sleep I tell ya! Got a fair bit of creating done which was good. Also has inspired me to get some more stuff done. Sat with some amazing women who did some beautiful work. Now looking forward to the next one in Queenstown at the end of June.

Not long now til duckshooting starts. Barrie and the boys are keen!! Not sure where they will be shooting yet....but no doubt they will find somewhere...they tell us that Southland is the home of the duck, and this shooting thing is more like a religion down here!!! Hopefully Ed the dog will still be around. He has been plagued with a nasty ear infection which is resistant to antibiotics, and it does not want to clear up. Am going to have to start with the manuka honey treatment again....

Life on the farm is good. We are well ahead of last years production total, so things are heading in the right direction. If only the payout could do the same thing....Next year should be better given that Barrie will have set up the farm how he likes it. Loren did a stirling job of painting the houses on the farm....pity her mother has not been as pro-active with the finishing of the windows on our house!!! Once I figure out how to post photos will show some before and after photos....boy they look GOOD!!!

We are hoping to get away for a holiday next week for a few days. Fishing will probably be the order from the troops!!! We will head up to Moeraki for a few days if the weather is fine. Its lovely up there. Last time we went, we had a lovely albatross fishing with us....MAN they are big birds!!!

Its been fun exploring southland over the summer. We have found some really lovely spots to visit. Hope to take a trip to Fiordland soon to see Te Anau and drive though to Milford Sound. Hopefully the weather holds for us to do that while the boys are on holiday.

Alicia is loving her job...looks like she will be posted in Coastal Taranaki. She is ok about it, but the Waikato would have been her first choice I think. I would think she will settle in New Plymouth for a start, as it will be easier for her to meet some people her age there.
Loren is flatting in Jaffa-ville now. Loving her physio course I think.
Cannot wait to see the girls again. We sure do miss them heaps.

Well thats it for a first blog post!!!

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  1. Hey Sharon, glad to see you in the blogging world :). Sorry it took so long to find you. Are you getting ready for Queenstown, not long now :)