Sunday, May 23, 2010

My "art attack"

I know these photos are not the best....but just to let you see what I have been up to lately. These oils were painted from photos I took on the Kepler Track in Fiordland National Park. They do look much better from afar!!! The one on the left I am unsure whether I mat titivate it a little,by adding some tussocks in the foreground

I have also been working on some layouts for the family album, which have been fun!! Cannot wait til next week, when the first box of goodies for my design team work arrives on the doorstep!!

So what have been up to on the scrapping front this weekend?? This LO was inspired by a sketch I made from a LO I saw somewhere!!! Apologies to the original artist....I did not note who you were!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

It seems like so long ago that I created this blog.....that's 'cause IT WAS so long ago!!!!!

So I guess it's pointless to try and recap whats been going on....there has been such A LOT!!!

I will be trying to use this blog as a reference of things that have been going on in our lives, and to update on a regular basis. ....time will tell won't it???

Toady I had an awesome day at my Art class in Gore. I managed to finish two paintings today that are of places on the Kepler track. One I am not sure whether I have finished tinkering or not, but the other is quite acceptable! I was pleased that Aiden and Ali recognised the spot, so I must have captured the likeness OK. When the camera is charged I will take a snap to show you.

I felt a bit guilty taking off the class today though, with Barrie having just come out of hospital yesterday. He is such a painkillers since her walked out the door. He seems to be coping a bit better this time round, with the after effects of the anaesthetic, even though he has been suffering with a dreadful cold.

Spent the evening with the boys helping Blake with his homework, and reading through Loren's assignment before she submits it.......and now UPDATING MY BLOG!!!

My biggest news I guess is the appointment of Design Team member at SBO I can't wait for the term to start....officially its the 1st of June, but I am sure there will be some action before this space.

I have been working on some LOs for the family album, and trying out techniques using the Tim Holtz book as inspiration. Nothing concrete as yet, I guess practise makes perfect doesn't it??

I also have been designing some LOs for my upcoming scrapbook class at SIT in Gore. I have 8 weeks of demos and LOs to organise using my most "canny" tricks to save $$ and of course the latest and greatest papers on the market!! I keep chopping and changing my mind depending on what paper I see, and the papers that are due to come into the country in the coming weeks.....Classes start in July, so I have a bit of time up my sleeve. I love gives me a real thrill to see people start to gain confidence in their designing capabilities, and to see them use my classes as inspiration in their own Layouts.